Trueline Capital – Core Values

Welcome to Trueline Capital Fund II, a single-family real estate debt fund for accredited investors. Fund II is an asset-based construction debt fund providing investors diversified access to an actively managed portfolio of residential construction loans throughout the Pacific Northwest. This evergreen fund has grown year-over-year and we are eager to share with you an overview of our Fund, our strategies, and specifically how Fund II investors have earned an 8.87% annual cash-on-cash yield since inception. The Fund is designed to generate active income and distributes an 8% annual preferred return each month and quarterly profit distribution.

As the managers of Trueline Capital, we embrace five Core Values when we conduct our business, make investment decisions, and engage new partners.  As our capital partners, we hope our investors share these values with the same vigor.

1) We are Market Masters and Domain Experts.

We seek to be experts in our field of business and expertise. We study our industry, our customer, and the technical details of our function. We seek to know and understand the concerns, perspectives, and behaviors of our stakeholders.

2) We roll up our sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done. We take the initiative.

Rolling up our sleeves means we do every job with excellence – big or small. We are gritty, we find a way to solve the problem and get the job done. Taking the initiative means being the first to act definitively, even if a new path needs to be chosen later.

3) We are quick to communicate and respond.

Relationships with our stakeholders are the foundation of our business. These relationships are fostered through responsiveness and communication. It is okay if expectations or plans need to be revised but aim to proactively communicate and quickly respond.

4) We honor the humanity of all our stakeholders seeking their benefit and presenting the truth in confidence.

Business is conducted with humans. We do not get lost in the spreadsheets, legal contracts, market reports, and 2 x 4’s and forget that our stakeholders are people. We keep that perspective aiming to treat all our stakeholders with respect and honor by communicating the truth. We are confident that whether we communicate good news or bad news our stakeholders have the maturity to receive it.

5) We plan. We execute.

We plan. We execute.