Small Balance Commercial Loans for Investors and Business Owners

Commercial Acquisition, Refinance, and Bridge loans in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

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What can a small balance Commercial Loan do for you?

Do you need to acquire, refinance, stabilize a commercial property? Trueline Capital’s commercial loan can help you bridge the gap with your multi-family or mixed-use property.

Today’s real estate market in the Pacific Northwest is moving quicker than ever, and we can help you to purchase or refinance your commercial property no matter what the circumstance quickly and efficiently.

Our loans help investors and business owners to acquire, refinance, bridge to stabilization or refinance, bridge to construction, or bridge to sale. No more waiting, contact us today to learn more about our loan programs.

We also have competitive construction loan products…

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Commercial Loan Program

Loan Products:
Commercial Purchase, Refinance, and Bridge
Property Types:
Mixed-Use or Multi-Family
Loan-to-Value | Loan-to-Cost:
Up to 75% LTV
1st Position Deed of Trust
6 - 24 Months
Starting at 8.75%
Loan Amounts:
$200,000 - $20,000,000
Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

We’ll Work with You to Get the Financing You Need.

Our Borrowing Process is Easy. Guaranteed.

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Submit A Project

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Simply fill out our online project submission, upload as much or as little as you have about the property, and we will send you a pricing quote.

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Funding Proposal

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Once we look at your property, you’ll receive our funding proposal with documents and loan pricing. Review, ask questions, then send us your borrower required items, and we’ll begin processing the loan!

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Set Up Escrow

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Once our underwriter signs off on the loan, we’ll send documents to escrow and walk you through the closing process.

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Communication is key and our staff is readily available to answer any questions you have as we get you funded on time.

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Lending Partnerships by Design

Our commercial loans are a streamlined solution to fit your situation. Be it a purchase, cash out refinance, or bridge loan, our staff is readily available to work with you on your next investment in Seattle, Portland, Bend, Boise, or wherever the opportunity presents itself.

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