Real Estate Debt Fund Investing

Invest in private first position loans to single-family home builders and investors throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Why Invest with Trueline Capital?

With Trueline Capital Fund II, our investors found a new way to access Pacific Northwest real estate while generating monthly cash disbursements starting month one. Investors earn an 8% annual preferred return (distributed monthly) and quarterly profit distributions that have generated a 10.67% annual cash-on-cash yield since inception*.


By investing in a pooled fund, investors receive diversification across builders, submarkets, and regions.


Strict draw management procedures including monthly inspections and sub-contractor lien releases.

Consistent Standards

TRUELINE CAPITAL maintains professional and consistent underwriting standards, this offers enhanced risk management over investing in individual projects.

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Watch Our Investor Presentation

Ryan Andrews, Director of Capital Markets and Investor Relations, takes potential investors through Trueline Capital Fund II’s investment strategy, fund returns to investors, and investment terms.

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Historic Fund Returns & Track Record

Trueline Capital Fund I was restructured into Trueline Capital Fund II in February 2016 to take advantage of a more scalable fund structure. We have averaged investor return of 8.87% since the inception of Fund II.

– Trueline Capital Fund I

– Trueline Capital Fund II

Portfolio Overview

Annualized IRR


Targeted Investor IRR

8% - 10%

Minimum Investment


Preferred Yield

(Distributed Monthly)

Min. Investment Terms

2 Years



Property Type


Total Projects Funded


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*Reflects annualized historical returns since the Fund’s inception (2/1/2016) through 6/30/2019, Fund returns depend on many factors and market conditions and historical results may not be indicative of future returns. All investments contain risk.

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Why Invest in Construction Loans?

  • High-yield
    Residential construction loans generate a reliable high-yield income return for investors.
  • Limited Exposure
    Construction loans are short term, 6-9 months, limiting exposure to market cycles and interest rates.
    All loans are secured by a lien on the underlying real property with a conservative loan to value ratio.
    The Fund is structured to diversify originations and loans across builders, submarkets, and regions diluting regional and even single asset risk.

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How We Pick Projects

TRUELINE CAPITAL begins underwriting by assessing a homebuilder’s track record. This includes each builder’s past experience managing projects with a keen eye on time-to-completion and budget.

TRUELINE CAPITAL underwrites based on quantitative and qualitative factors including product relevance in the market, price point, design, lot location, sale-ability, quality of materials. Strict loan-to-value (LTV) standards are maintained with values being based on a fully built certified appraisal.

TRUELINE CAPITAL reviews several criteria in the subject property’s sub-market including standing inventory for sale within subject property’s price point, absorption rate, permit volume, and additional relevant data indicators.

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